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Independent Roof Inspection

Most home lenders require a home inspection of the property you want to buy before they will lend you the money. In most cases the home inspector will do a fairly good job. However there are the times when they … Continue reading

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The need for Roof Maintenance

The need for Roof maintenance Is an extremely important aspect of your roof health and life. You wouldn’t Let your car run out of oil or never change it. Just the same your roof needs maintenance. This is Especially important … Continue reading

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3 course repair

This is how you make a basic repair this is commonly known as a 3 course repair. Materials you will need. 1. Asphalt Roof Cement  or commonly known as “Wet patch , mastic” 2. reinforcment  webbing 3. Trowel 4. Gloves Doing a … Continue reading

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Tile Roofs

Description: Tile roofs come in a variety of styles and materials.  They consist of one piece “S Tiles” that are seen on many office building roofs.  There are two piece tiles, called “Pans and Tops,” that are placed on Spanish … Continue reading

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Fiberglass Shingles

These 12” by 36” granular surfaced shingles are installed on slopes of 2 inches per running foot or greater.  They are installed over a felt under layment of usually a 15 or 30 pound felt, depending on the slope.  Shingles … Continue reading

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Modified Bitumens

Description:   These roofing systems are typically a single sheet, reinforced in the middle with either a polyester or fiberglass mat for strength and modified with rubberized asphalt.  This allows the roof to expand and contract with building movement.  The … Continue reading

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Built-Up Roofing

Description:   Built-up Roofing consists of alternate layers of roofing felt and individual moppings of “Hot Asphalt.”  Built-Up Roofing may include either 3 or 4 piles of roofing felt.  Top surfacing can consist of gravel, smooth of granular surfaces similar … Continue reading

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Polyurethane Foam Roof System

Description:  “Foam” is a closed cell plastic insulation spray applied to a minimum thickness of one inch.  It is usually sprayed in only one to two inches thick, primarily because of the cost.  There are two important factors to take … Continue reading

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