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Shingle roofs are not maintenance free!

Shingle roofs are not maintenance free. Ok for the most part they are there’s not much you can do for them except check for blown off shingle tabs or shingles, check pipes and penetrations for cracks and or holes. But more … Continue reading

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Foam Split in Plywood Seam

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to fix a small foam split next to a plywood seam. As a rule of thumb foam that is sprayed directly over plywood will not leak. This is because water cannot … Continue reading

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Failed foam or poor maintenence ?

The foam isn’t the problem on this roof. It’s because of improper maintenance.  Wrong materials used for repairs, neglect and abuse that has led to a total tear off of this foam roof and and new roof system being installed.     As you … Continue reading

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elastomeric roof re-coating

This is a short video showing the elastomeric re-coat process. As you can see they are back rolling as they go, this ensures the coating fills any little cracks or holes. Also this is done when there has been an … Continue reading

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