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Shingle roofs are not maintenance free!

February 20th, 2012

Shingle roofs are not maintenance free. Ok for the most part they are there’s not much you can do for them except check for blown off shingle tabs or shingles, check pipes and penetrations for cracks and or holes. But more importantly if you have had work done by An A/C guy or had a new satellite dish installed you should probably get on the roof (if your able) and look at their work. Remember your A/C guy is not a roofer and they seldom call roofers to fix their work until they have a leak.

Improper A/C jack install

Improper A/C jack install

As you can see in this picture this A/C jack is not installed properly. What do you think happened here?

2. You should always have abandoned equipment taken off of the roof they are in many cases sources for leaks. In the case below this T.V. antenna is not used but it became a great roosting spot for pigeon’s and other birds. Their scratching    around and poop has started to deteriorate the shingles around it. You can’t just replace those shingles a lot of times they are stuck together. So most of the shingles are in good shape and have lot’s of life left these do not.

Bird damaged shingles

Bird damaged shingles

3. Finally you should check for cracks in pipes and other penetrations at least once a year repair them as necessary to prevent leaks.  Just put more mastic around the pipes and penetrations.

Failed pipes

Failed pipes


Proper Steps for Repairs Following Storm Damage READ, READ, READ!

November 27th, 2010
  1. If the homeowner thinks they have damage, they should first call their insurance company or agent and ask to file a claim.
  2. The insurance company sends an adjuster to access the damage.
  3. If the adjuster determines damage has occurred, he will issue a report listing the damage and the expected cost of recovery.
  4. The adjuster will then cut a check for the damage minus the depreciation of the home.
  5. The homeowner can choose 2 different ways to hire a contractor. He may bid the work to one or more contractors and accept a bid. If that bid is less than the insurance company estimate, the insurance company will pay only that amount, less deductible. If the bid is more than the insurance estimate, the homeowner can submit the higher bid to the insurance company and attempt to work out the difference.  The homeowner can also opt to hire a trusted contractor of their choice. The contractor can then work out their rates with the insurance company.
  6. Under NO circumstances can a homeowner avoid paying their deductible. Any contractor that suggests otherwise to a homeowner is committing insurance fraud.
  7. After the project has been completed, the contractor or homeowner sends an invoice and certificate of completion to the insurance company. Insurance then cuts a check to the homeowner for the depreciated portion of the loss (providing the homeowner has replacement cost insurance, which most do.)  In some instances, a mortgage company and/or contractor may be listed on the check as co-payees.

Don’t be in a hurry- you have a whole year!

You have 1 year to replace your hail damaged roof or siding!

Storm chasers will often use a high-pressure tactic of informing homeowners that they have to act fast since insurance companies will only pay for your home repair if you file the claim within 2 weeks, one month, or 6 months of a storm. That is absolutely not true. According to most policies, homeowners have up until 1 year following a storm to file a claim for hail damage to their home!

Storm chasers will also tell homeowners that they need to sign the contract fast so that the homeowner doesn’t get stuck behind many other people needing a new roof. This is another tactic to get homeowners to sign quickly, since the storm chasers will be moving to the next storm area as rapidly as possible.

Think of it this way, would you sign a contract this quickly if you were replacing your roof simply because of age or normal wear and tear? No! You’d take your time, get several different estimates, and carefully choose style and color. So why rush now? Slow down and make sure you are working with someone you trust to get the type of roof you desire.


November 19th, 2010



There are roofers from just about every state in Arizona right now taking advantage of the Hail Storm. Some of them are just trying to make a buck and have landed jobs with reputable contractors. And then there are those who are what we call “storm chasers” and they will do whatever it takes to get your insurance check. They come here and use local contractors licences to install new roofs they pay the local contractor a fee for the use of their licence. And then give you the homeowner a new roof. So whats the big deal you say.

#1 Your probably not getting the best value for your money.

#2 Some of them are cutting corners and will be long gone by the time you find out and you’ll be left with the bill.

#3  Some of them are not  paying any taxes that are used in your community, so most of that money is leaving Arizona.

#4 Some of them Are just plain out not roofers!

The list can go on and on. Don’t be a victim let the ArizonaRoofer recommend a trusted local licensed roofing contractor please contact us  .The ArizonaRoofer is the homeowners information source we are always on the homeowners side. We don’t play favorites, we play who can best serve you for your roofing needs.

Hail Damaged Foam Roof

November 19th, 2010

Due to the big Hail storm we had in Arizona there are tens of thousands of destroyed roofs All roof types were affected except tile roofs. The picture below is what a hail damaged foam roof will look like. There will be thousands of divits and impacts on the roof.

Hail damaged foam Roof

Hail damaged foam Roof

It is recommended to tear the roof off and install a new roof.  There are alot of contractors out there just recoating them this is not recommended.

Hail Damage

November 13th, 2010

Hello all I would like to inform you all of what hail damage to your roof may look like. But first off we had a really big hail storm in Arizona that has created so much damage that it has brought people from all over the country here and you need to be aware of some of these people. Alot of them are nothing more than con men trying to get your insurance money. Things you should be asking

1. Are you licenced in Arizona?

2. How Long?

3. Are you in good standing with the BBB and the Registar of Contractors?

Follow up yourself with this. E-mail me via our contact form if you need help with this.

I have already seen these guys cutting corrners that will cost you  alot more in the future.

To help if you live in these zip codes you may have hail damage. Not everybody in these zip codes are affected but alot of people are.




The main area is  from north to south McDowell rd. to the loop 101 and east to west from I-17 to around 67th ave.

Your damaged shingle roof will look something like this

Hail Damaged Shingle Roof

I have’nt seen any damage to any concrete tile roofs. But if you have a patio roof  that is not tile you can still have damage to that roof as well.

As far as foam roofs go they NEED TO BE REPLACED don’t let anyone just coat it it will fail later.

If you are unsure If you have hail damage and need an inspection but cannot get a roofer out to inspect contact me via the contact form and I will inspect it for you and give you good recommendations.

Polyester fabric Roof?

June 12th, 2010
Polyester fabric

Polyester fabric membrane

I came across this roof.. if you can call it a roof system. This roof system consists of polyester fabric embed in elastomeric coating directly over the top of plywood, The overall thickness is around 20 mils thick. The coating should have been at least 30 mils thick and the membrane should have been 60 mils. This is a prime example of buyer beware. The home owner paid $2300 for this. I replaced this roof with a 1 inch foam roof with 3 coats of elastomeric coating @ 1.25 gallons per 100 sqft. for the same price. I’ve talked about polyester fabric before and it’s use for repairing foam splits and for the use on top of stucco parapet walls to stop cracks. But this is NOT a roofing system and anytime someones says their going to put polyester fabric on your roof ask these questions.

1. are you putting over the exsisting roof system? (this is ok for a band-aid)
2. are you going to tear off the exsisting roof and put this in place of it? (this is not ok)

I’ve seen this used as a roof system before (and I’m not to fond of it) But it’s applied totally different then this roof. When this is used as a roof system the polyester fabric is layered in asphalt emulssion and the final coat is a 4 gallon per 100 sqft elastomeric coating achieving an overall mil. thickness of around 140 mils thick.

Leaking Windows or Roof?

July 28th, 2009

Here is a common problem both property owners and roofers run into. Leaking windows! I’m going to explain how you can tell the diffrence between a roof leak and a window leak. Identifing the  leak yourself can save you money by calling the right contractor for the job. Sometimes roofing  companies also do window service too, but not all of them.

If after reading this and you still not sure of the source of your leak try to find a roofing contractor that also offers window service. This way you will be able to get it fixed, and not have to pay some roofer who can’t fix it  a service call fee.

Identifiying a window leak:

If you develop a leak around a window.

Is the water coming from the top of the window frame (usually the corners) or is it coming from the celing above the window frame.

If the water is coming from the cornners of the window frame then it is more likely a window leak and not a roof leak.

If the water is coming in from the celing above the window it’s probably a roof leak.

Some common causes of window leaks are due to

1. improper window mositure barrier (most likely not this).

2. Dry rotted, cracked seals. (most likely)

3. Plugged window weeps (depends on window type).

4. Cracked stucco.

5. Defective windows or window installation ( this is being seen more and more).

Below is a picture of defective window glass. If your home or property has windows that look similer to the pictures below and your home is less than 10 years old then you may have a constuction defect lawsuit, and may be entitled to compensation.


Defective window seal

Defective window seal

The above picture shows defective window glass. The problem here is an inproper seal in between the two panes of glass.

If your windows look like this you may be entitled to compensation.

Making the case for a roof inspection

July 1st, 2009

I have talked about the importance of roof inspections before. In this picture you will clearly see why. This roof was in failure before the solar panels were ever installed. The company who installed the solar panels may not or may have known this, but why risk losing the job because of a failing roof. Had this homeowner had a $150 roof insepection done prior to the solar panel installation they could have had the roof replaced and they would’nt have the problem they now have. They could have had this roof re-roofed for around $1000-$1250 depending upon the roofing system. But now they are looking at about $1700-$2200 if they can even find a roofing contractor to do it. Reason is the panels have to be removed and since roofers are not solar panel experts the risk damage to these very expensive panels. This picture is decieving believe me when I tell you you need to remove these panels before you can re-roof this.

This is a big roofing problem

This is a big roofing problem

Independent Roof Inspection

June 29th, 2009

Most home lenders require a home inspection of the property you want to buy before they will lend you the money. In most cases the home inspector will do a fairly good job. However there are the times when they make critical mistakes when doing the roof inspection. Once you sign the papers for your new home it’s yours and you soon find out about hidden faults that even the home inspector missed. You should always get a second opinion when it comes to your roof.

I have seen times where roofs are in need of almost a complete re-sheet (that’s when the roofs plywood is in need of replacement). And that is a very expensive task and on top of that the roof will have to be replaced because you have to remove it to replace the plywood. What happens is the selling homeowner knows the roof needs to be replaced but doesn’t have the money to do it so he’ll get a roofing contractor to cover up the can of worms (the bad plywood) for little money and “A no warranty AS IS cash deal”. This doesn’t happen a lot to this degree but it happens more than it should. When it comes to your roof you should always take extra precautions it’s not just a part of your investment it protects your whole investment.

After all a house is nothing with out a roof!