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elastomeric roof re-coating

February 19th, 2012

This is a short video showing the elastomeric re-coat process. As you can see they are back rolling as they go, this ensures the coating fills any little cracks or holes. Also this is done when there has been an aggregate added before.

The re-coat process involves more than just putting coating down.

1. Clean roof with a broom, leaf blower, and if necessary a water hose.

2. Fix any blisters or cracks and holes with polyurethane caulking.

3. Apply a roof primer at the rate of about 1/3 gallon per 100sqft.

4. Apply and back roll the roof coating at a rate of at least 2 gallons per 100sqft 2.5 is better but no more than 3 gallons per 100sqft.

Modified Bitumens

June 25th, 2009



These roofing systems are typically a single sheet, reinforced in the middle with either a polyester or fiberglass mat for strength and modified with rubberized asphalt.  This allows the roof to expand and contract with building movement.  The Modified sheet should be installed over a mechanically fastened base-sheet.  These systems are mopped in place with hot asphalt.  These roof systems are also installed using a cold process called permanent bond.  It is applied with a torch to melt it to the base sheet.  The surfaces of the modified bitumen roof  are either smooth or granular finish that come in a selection of colors.




These roof systems are used as an upgrade from built-up roofing systems.


Life Span:


The expected life span of this system will exceed 15 years.  The roofing industry has seen excellent results from the modified bitumens roof.




  • Torch applied systems can be dangerous and can cause fires.  Extra attention in the application phase is very important.




Proper installation of this roof system is critical.  Details in the construction and installation procedures need to be planned very carefully.


The video above is an overview of the hot applied asphalt roof installation process. The Arizona Roofer dose’nt lay any claim to ownership of this video and dose not endorse Garland company’s products. We just thought the video was thorough, and in agreement with the correct installation process of this particular type of roof system. it should be noted that every material manufacture may have different specifics for their materials but the process is the same.