elastomeric roof re-coating


This is a short video showing the elastomeric re-coat process. As you can see they are back rolling as they go, this ensures the coating fills any little cracks or holes. Also this is done when there has been an aggregate added before. The re-coat process involves more than just putting coating down. 1. Clean […]

Proper Steps for Repairs Following Storm Damage READ, READ, READ!


If the homeowner thinks they have damage, they should first call their insurance company or agent and ask to file a claim. The insurance company sends an adjuster to access the damage. If the adjuster determines damage has occurred, he will issue a report listing the damage and the expected cost of recovery. The adjuster […]



HAIL DAMAGE! DON’T HIRE ANY CONTRACTOR UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THIS POST. There are roofers from just about every state in Arizona right now taking advantage of the Hail Storm. Some of them are just trying to make a buck and have landed jobs with reputable contractors. And then there are those who are what we call “storm […]

Hail Damaged Foam Roof

Hail damaged foam Roof

Due to the big Hail storm we had in Arizona there are tens of thousands of destroyed roofs All roof types were affected except tile roofs. The picture below is what a hail damaged foam roof will look like. There will be thousands of divits and impacts on the roof. It is recommended to tear […]

Hail Damage


Hello all I would like to inform you all of what hail damage to your roof may look like. But first off we had a really big hail storm in Arizona that has created so much damage that it has brought people from all over the country here and you need to be aware of some of […]

Polyester fabric Roof?

Polyester fabric

I came across this roof.. if you can call it a roof system. This roof system consists of polyester fabric embed in elastomeric coating directly over the top of plywood, The overall thickness is around 20 mils thick. The coating should have been at least 30 mils thick and the membrane should have been 60 […]

Things you don’t expect

This is what happens when you drag your foam hose through wet foam

In a nutshell this property owner paid some one to give them a new roof and then paid someone else to fix their mistakes. And believe me it’s not cheap

Scupper Leaks

Failed Scupper

Here is a good example of  how a common oversite can cost consumers money. In this tutorial I am going to explain why this scupper failed. I am also going to show you how to do a basic repair that will stop the leak . And finally I’m going to show you the damage caused by […]

Tile Wall Detail

Finished tile wall detail

This article will show you how a tile wall detail is installed on a tile roof system. Keep in mind there are other methods used depending on what type of wall you are tieing into. In this example the roof detail will be lathed and stucco applied over the top. The roof flashings will be behind […]

Leaking Windows or Roof?

Defective window seal

Here is a common problem both property owners and roofers run into. Leaking windows! I’m going to explain how you can tell the diffrence between a roof leak and a window leak. Identifing the  leak yourself can save you money by calling the right contractor for the job. Sometimes roofing  companies also do window service too, but not […]