Fixing a parapet wall split

Parapet wall split

In this tutorial we will learn how to properly repair a  parapet wall split on a built-up or similar type roof system. The materials you will need are. 1. Caulking gun. 2. Urethane Caulking. 3. Polyester fabric (ty-tex tape) 4. Elastomeric roof coating and paint brush.   The first step is to clean the area […]

Improper cementitious “C-cure” roof application

Failed c-cure roof due to improper application

What is a Cementitious roof ? Or also known as C-cure. C-cure is a light weight Cementitious concrete that is spray applied over a polyurethane foam roof. It is one of the most expensive foam roofs you can buy. The  c-cure has a very high fire rating and is usually applied on schools, government buildings, […]

Foam Roof Blister Repair

This is a golfball sized blister

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to repair blisters on your foam roof. Foam roof  blisters are not uncommon and are relatively easy to fix. There are many things that can cause blisters please refer to our F.A.Q for common causes. Normally blisters are not that big of an issue to be concerned with. Unless you have alot […]

Fixing Bird and Bee Damage

This is what they call bird and bee damage

One thing that often damages a urethane foam roof is bird and bee damage. This type of damage is usually found near the edges of roofs or on top of parapit walls mostly on roofs with overgrown trees hanging over the top.

Failed Skylight


In this first picture it shows a caulked skylight lens. This is not recommended. Over time the caulking fails and the skylight will leak again

This is not a good roof

A failed 10 year old foam roof

Here is an example of a roof installation that was doomed to fail the second it was finished. This is about a 10 year old foam roof that was installed over the top of 3 other roofs.

Failed roofing

This is a failed membrane seam.

This failed wall could have been prevented, Had they installed an appropriate wall flashing. This roof was installed by a licensed Arizona roofing contractor. These are cornner cutting methods that will cost you the consumer alot of money later on. This is not uncommon to see. This next picture is about a 3 year old modified roof that has buckles and a failed […]

Understanding Skylights


If you develop a leak in your skylight don’t panic most of the time it’s not as bad as it may seem. There are only a few things that can go wrong. Here is a quick tutorial on how to fix these problems.

Making the case for a roof inspection

This is a big roofing problem

I have talked about the importance of roof inspections before. In this picture you will clearly see why. This roof was in failure before the solar panels were ever installed. The company who installed the solar panels may not or may have known this, but why risk losing the job because of a failing roof. […]

Independent Roof Inspection


Most home lenders require a home inspection of the property you want to buy before they will lend you the money. In most cases the home inspector will do a fairly good job. However there are the times when they make critical mistakes when doing the roof inspection. Once you sign the papers for your […]