Proper Steps for Repairs Following Storm Damage READ, READ, READ!

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Proper Steps for Repairs Following Storm Damage READ, READ, READ!


  1. If the homeowner thinks they have damage, they should first call their insurance company or agent and ask to file a claim.
  2. The insurance company sends an adjuster to access the damage.
  3. If the adjuster determines damage has occurred, he will issue a report listing the damage and the expected cost of recovery.
  4. The adjuster will then cut a check for the damage minus the depreciation of the home.
  5. The homeowner can choose 2 different ways to hire a contractor. He may bid the work to one or more contractors and accept a bid. If that bid is less than the insurance company estimate, the insurance company will pay only that amount, less deductible. If the bid is more than the insurance estimate, the homeowner can submit the higher bid to the insurance company and attempt to work out the difference.  The homeowner can also opt to hire a trusted contractor of their choice. The contractor can then work out their rates with the insurance company.
  6. Under NO circumstances can a homeowner avoid paying their deductible. Any contractor that suggests otherwise to a homeowner is committing insurance fraud.
  7. After the project has been completed, the contractor or homeowner sends an invoice and certificate of completion to the insurance company. Insurance then cuts a check to the homeowner for the depreciated portion of the loss (providing the homeowner has replacement cost insurance, which most do.)  In some instances, a mortgage company and/or contractor may be listed on the check as co-payees.

Don’t be in a hurry- you have a whole year!

You have 1 year to replace your hail damaged roof or siding!

Storm chasers will often use a high-pressure tactic of informing homeowners that they have to act fast since insurance companies will only pay for your home repair if you file the claim within 2 weeks, one month, or 6 months of a storm. That is absolutely not true. According to most policies, homeowners have up until 1 year following a storm to file a claim for hail damage to their home!

Storm chasers will also tell homeowners that they need to sign the contract fast so that the homeowner doesn’t get stuck behind many other people needing a new roof. This is another tactic to get homeowners to sign quickly, since the storm chasers will be moving to the next storm area as rapidly as possible.

Think of it this way, would you sign a contract this quickly if you were replacing your roof simply because of age or normal wear and tear? No! You’d take your time, get several different estimates, and carefully choose style and color. So why rush now? Slow down and make sure you are working with someone you trust to get the type of roof you desire.