Birds eye view of spraying polyurethane foam


This is what it looks like from a polyurethane foam applicators perspective when spraying foam. Polyurethane foam should be sprayed at 1″ lifts for best results but never less than 1/2″. How do can you tell if you are spray a 1″ lift? while it is true that you cannot see a 1″ lift you […]

Foam Split in Plywood Seam

foam split next to plywood seam

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to fix a small foam split next to a plywood seam. As a rule of thumb foam that is sprayed directly over plywood will not leak. This is because water cannot travel underneath the foam because it’s fully adhered to the wood. However there are some exceptions […]

Failed foam or poor maintenence ?

good foam

The foam isn’t the problem on this roof. It’s because of improper maintenance.  Wrong materials used for repairs, neglect and abuse that has led to a total tear off of this foam roof and and new roof system being installed.     As you can see from the repair done on the picture above. Yes thats a plywood patch. […]

elastomeric roof re-coating


This is a short video showing the elastomeric re-coat process. As you can see they are back rolling as they go, this ensures the coating fills any little cracks or holes. Also this is done when there has been an aggregate added before. The re-coat process involves more than just putting coating down. 1. Clean […]

Things you don’t expect

This is what happens when you drag your foam hose through wet foam

In a nutshell this property owner paid some one to give them a new roof and then paid someone else to fix their mistakes. And believe me it’s not cheap

Improper cementitious “C-cure” roof application

Failed c-cure roof due to improper application

What is a Cementitious roof ? Or also known as C-cure. C-cure is a light weight Cementitious concrete that is spray applied over a polyurethane foam roof. It is one of the most expensive foam roofs you can buy. The  c-cure has a very high fire rating and is usually applied on schools, government buildings, […]

Foam Roof Blister Repair

This is a golfball sized blister

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to repair blisters on your foam roof. Foam roof  blisters are not uncommon and are relatively easy to fix. There are many things that can cause blisters please refer to our F.A.Q for common causes. Normally blisters are not that big of an issue to be concerned with. Unless you have alot […]

Fixing Bird and Bee Damage

This is what they call bird and bee damage

One thing that often damages a urethane foam roof is bird and bee damage. This type of damage is usually found near the edges of roofs or on top of parapit walls mostly on roofs with overgrown trees hanging over the top.

This is not a good roof

A failed 10 year old foam roof

Here is an example of a roof installation that was doomed to fail the second it was finished. This is about a 10 year old foam roof that was installed over the top of 3 other roofs.