The worst roof system on the entire planet Period.


Is a polyester fabric roof even a viable option? Really? This roofing system is essentially plywood with a polyester fabric embedded into an elastomeric coating. It might have been a legitimate choice in the past, but by today’s standards, it’s not an acceptable standard roofing practice. especially considering the many better alternatives that are on […]

How to repair buckles on an Asphalt roof


In this video I show you how to repair buckles on an asphalt roof. Buckles are caused by not rolling out the roofing membrane to let it relax (stretch) in the sun, this is very important to do. If you try to install a cold membrane it will expand and contract causing buckles to form. […]

Skylight Repair


The two most common sources of roof leaks on a foam roof (or really any type of roof) is skylights and scuppers. Generally when a roof leaks it’s because of a failed penetration on the roof. Leaks are usually not found in the membrane it’s self. Curb mount skylights are the easiest type of skylight […]

Foam Split in Plywood Seam

foam split next to plywood seam

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to fix a small foam split next to a plywood seam. As a rule of thumb foam that is sprayed directly over plywood will not leak. This is because water cannot travel underneath the foam because it’s fully adhered to the wood. However there are some exceptions […]

Scupper Leaks

Failed Scupper

Here is a good example of  how a common oversite can cost consumers money. In this tutorial I am going to explain why this scupper failed. I am also going to show you how to do a basic repair that will stop the leak . And finally I’m going to show you the damage caused by […]

Fixing a parapet wall split

Parapet wall split

In this tutorial we will learn how to properly repair a  parapet wall split on a built-up or similar type roof system. The materials you will need are. 1. Caulking gun. 2. Urethane Caulking. 3. Polyester fabric (ty-tex tape) 4. Elastomeric roof coating and paint brush.   The first step is to clean the area […]

Foam Roof Blister Repair

This is a golfball sized blister

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to repair blisters on your foam roof. Foam roof  blisters are not uncommon and are relatively easy to fix. There are many things that can cause blisters please refer to our F.A.Q for common causes. Normally blisters are not that big of an issue to be concerned with. Unless you have alot […]

Fixing Bird and Bee Damage

This is what they call bird and bee damage

One thing that often damages a urethane foam roof is bird and bee damage. This type of damage is usually found near the edges of roofs or on top of parapit walls mostly on roofs with overgrown trees hanging over the top.

3 course repair

Split roofing

This is how you make a basic repair this is commonly known as a 3 course repair. Materials you will need. 1. Asphalt Roof Cement  or commonly known as “Wet patch , mastic” 2. reinforcment  webbing 3. Trowel 4. Gloves Doing a basic wall repair like this can save you a lot of money, and is very […]