Hail Damage

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Hail Damage


Hello all I would like to inform you all of what hail damage to your roof may look like. But first off we had a really big hail storm in Arizona that has created so much damage that it has brought people from all over the country here and you need to be aware of some of these people. Alot of them are nothing more than con men trying to get your insurance money. Things you should be asking

1. Are you licenced in Arizona?

2. How Long?

3. Are you in good standing with the BBB and the Registar of Contractors?

Follow up yourself with this. E-mail me via our contact form if you need help with this.

I have already seen these guys cutting corrners that will cost you  alot more in the future.

To help if you live in these zip codes you may have hail damage. Not everybody in these zip codes are affected but alot of people are.




The main area is  from north to south McDowell rd. to the loop 101 and east to west from I-17 to around 67th ave.

Your damaged shingle roof will look something like this

Hail Damaged Shingle Roof

I have’nt seen any damage to any concrete tile roofs. But if you have a patio roof  that is not tile you can still have damage to that roof as well.

As far as foam roofs go they NEED TO BE REPLACED don’t let anyone just coat it it will fail later.

If you are unsure If you have hail damage and need an inspection but cannot get a roofer out to inspect contact me via the contact form and I will inspect it for you and give you good recommendations.